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The Super Ad System is still in Beta! We want a perfect system! Our official lauch has been moved to June 2020 with Pre-Launch Join Starting Mid to Late May - Please Check Back Soon!

Need Website traffic now? You can sign up to any of the SAS sister sites below and start getting instant ads and traffic to your offer today.

Pro Ad Exchange is a customized premium ad exchange membership site, offering many features not easily found in similar systems. PAE was created in 2015 and has been running strong and paying members ever since. We have delivered over 2 million ads for members and tracked over 40,000 clicks on members ads.

PAE offers over 10 different ways to advertise your affiliate links PLUS multiple ways to earn credits for more free ads. PAE has a team rotator and customizable members ad pages along with two ways to post free ads without having a membership at all.

I have created many promo codes which will give you in total over $500 USD worth of free advertising at proadexchange.com. You can find free promo codes hidden all throughout the Super Ad System Network which includes 6 websites and the blog.

Join today by clicking here and receive 30,000 free ad credits for you to purchase any form of advertising we offer.

Ad Links Pro is a custom adboard membership site with a neat team rotator built in. The classic adboard affords members a way to post free ads each day and earn commissions from membership upgrade sales and sales of banners where the payments are managed by the member and not the admin. The greatest feature of this custom membership website is the team rotator system which is shown to every visitor who hits the main page at adlinks.pro.

Ad Links Pro also has some great tools to help you out in your online side hustle, such as a url cloaking capability and free rotators. ALP also has a referral mailer which is a great tool for those just starting out online who want to be able to easily promote, and build a base of subscribers who will follow you to your own autoresponder when your ready.

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Free Ads Vip is the third site in the Super Ad System. I wanted to create a site that was blue in theme and that would come with a mid level upgrade for free. I also wanted to tie the membership level into the name and so free ads vip was born. FAVIP is a free traffic and commissions membership site that utilizes a gift mod to entice new members with a gift of the promoters choice. Any member can fill up a gift slot with an ebook or plr item and gift it to those they refer. This is truely a great tool for taking care of your followers with out having to have a website.

Click This Link To Join Free Ads Vip

Traffic 123 Club is the fourth site in the Super Ad System. T123 was built with teams and easy traffic in mind. T123 is a 1:1 ratio Surf Exchange. Members after signing up can basically trade hit for hit with other members to have their own sites and offers viewed. We offer active member rewards and have a weekly 1:2 credit increase which doubles the credits members earn on that day.

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Super Solo Email is a text ad exchange with an attitude for email. I created this site mainly to take a swing at running a credit mailer. I had a few members here at Pro Ad Exchange ask for a credit mailer as well so it seemed like a resonable idea. SuperSolo.Email has many awesome features such as multiple sized banner ads, text ads and solo emails. SSE also has a nice website surfing module and set n forget solo emails which come in handy if your busy.

The below link has a special launch promo code for A BUNCH of extra FREE Ads. Grab it while there are still some left!

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Here you will find the latest free ads posted at Pro Ad Exchange. You can click here to go post your own free ad without signing up or you can sign up and have the option to ad images and color.

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